Introducing AlarCity: the most daring, fast paced yet surprisingly strategic, AGA shoot'em'up in recent years! This project is currently under development and it's gonna be our first commercial Amiga release! 

  • Frantic, arcade, top down shoot'em'up action!
  • 50hz smooth 8-way scrolling on all unexpanded machines!
  • Superb AGA pixelart!
  • Amazing music and sound fx!
  • Unique dual weapons and effects system!
  • Lavish customisation options!
  • Strategic, deep and engaging gameplay!



General info

  • Project name: AlarCity
  • Label: Pixelglass
  • Project status: Survival mode preview v0.2 released (available for free)!
  • Announcements: Presales initiated, full game planned for Q3 of '17
  • Target Platforms: All AGA Amigas


December 2016 update:


We are happy to announce the initiation of pre-sales for our game! As of now you can pre-order either a digital, or physical boxed or unboxed copy of AlarCity from and actively support development itself!

Our pre-sales offer comes into 2 flavors:


SILVER (Until 14th of February 2017)

  • Discounted price compared to final release.

  • Available as a digital download, or as a boxed or unboxed physical copy.

  • All physical copies include a CD, DVD case and printed manual.

  • Backers will be personally thanked with their name appearing in both the physical or digital manual and game credits!


GOLD (Limited to 50+50 copies)

  • Get a special Collector's Edition version of the game with loads of extras!

  • Available as a boxed or unboxed physical copy only.

  • Includes a CD, DVD case, printed color manual, poster, fridge magnet and mouse pad!

  • Exclusive additional game content!

  • Backers will be personally thanked with their name appearing in a special section of both the printed manual and the game credits. (Perk expires when the game is released).


Full game will include:

  • Campaign or Story mode with many levels!
  • Optimised and expanded Survival mode!
  • Expanded tilesets!
  • Many enemy types!
  • Tons of different weapon types, effects, upgrades & extras!


Help keep Amiga gaming alive! Pre-order a copy of AlarCity from today!


September 2016 update


Survival Mode preview v0.2 - released!

This is a very early example of the Survival mode that will be featured in the complete game.  The objective is to survive as long as possible against an increasingly large and angry mob of enemy combatants. This demo was created as a standalone version to provide you with hours of fun and addictive gameplay! Our team plans to continue developing it as a free download up to version 1.0, so expect some new updates soon! 

Asides from a vastly upgraded Survival mode, the final version of the game will include a campaign with storyline, multiple levels, more enemies, weapons, weapon upgrades, collectables and a ton of extra features!



The demo is designed to play on all AGA machines. There are 2 versions available:

  • CD32 .iso version : requires a CD32
  • HDD .lha version: requires an AGA Amiga, hard drive, 1.2 mb of free HD space and 1.5mb of free chip Ram to play.

Note regarding accelerator users: in case of unexpected speedups or glitches disable the cpu caches to run the game.






Gameplay Video