Time Gal title

Our second release in the ReImagine series is the LaserDisc classic: Time Gal, ported for the first time to Amiga from the arcade original, in it's entirety! This unofficial port uses a brand new HAM engine that allows high quality FMV playback on all OCS machines! 


  • All Sixteen levels from the original game, along with "mirrored" versions of each level and all death animations (including those that were censored on the Mega CD port)!
  • Six difficulty levels from Easy to Insane, including a special "Anime Mode" for a more cinematic experience! 
  • Five different ending screens to discover!



General info

  • Label: Reimagine
  • Project status: Full game released!
  • Game versions:  HDD & CD32/AmigaCD v1.1 
  • Target platforms: OCS Amigas



                                    In-game3   Splash Screen  In-game5

    In-game9  In-game4  In-game6  In-game8



  • 68000
  • OCS
  • 1MB of free chipram (2MB total ram required)
  • 500MB of free HDD space, OR
  • 2X CD-ROM drive




Longplay trailer